Defining Sentient

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“All Sentient Beings have the right
to freedom from being used as property
or as a resource for humans.”
~ Pop VeKind ~

What does Sentient mean?

How do you define Sentient Being?

Fractional scientists debate the exact definition of what makes a Being “Sentient” (able to perceive or feel things, expressed as emotions). However, there is a large consensus of top scientists who agree that:

“A Being with a Central Brain
and a Central Nervous System
is Sentient.”

~ a large consensus of top scientists! ~

Sentient Beings feel pain, pleasure, and grief in exactly the same way as humans do. In fact, Human Beings are Sentient Beings! Sentience has nothing to do with intelligence nor problem-solving.

Eating Non-Sentient Animals

The lack of Sentience does not make a Being “poison-free,” nor healthy for a human to eat. The fact is that all animal products contain many Picotoxins. All Picotoxins damage the human body and can build to a level of Picotoxima and death. In the top 16 causes of death for countries like the US, UK, CA, AU, and many others, Picotoxima is a major factor or the underlying cause of death.

Picotoxins and Picotoxima create a moral dilemma for members of the human race. Humans have a moral obligation to be healthy and productive in life. The ethics of this go far beyond the destruction of oneself (one might say suicide!).

A Sentient “What If?”

What if…

  • Henry Ford had a Stroke (Picotoxima) before he invented the automobile and the assembly line?
  • The Wright Brothers (Orville and Wilbur) died of heart disease (Picotoxima) before they invented the airplane?
  • Thomas Edison had kidney failure or liver failure that caused his death (from Picotoxima) before inventing electric power generation, electric lights, sound recording, and motion pictures,
  • Joseph Patrick Kennedy, at age 27, had a serious Testicular Infarction (from Picotoxima) and/or a Penile Infarction that caused Neil Armstrong to miss walking on the moon!
  • Neil Armstrong, before walking on the moon, had Picotoxima that caused high blood pressure and diabetes. He might have missed his flight on Apollo 11!
  • Likewise, what if the public had not become aware of Velcro from the Apollo TV footage?

I’m So happy none of this ever happened. My life would be so different today!

Eating Sentient Beings

However, eating any Sentient Beings, such as Humans, Apes, or Dogs, is morally wrong.

“Factional Vegans” debate that ALL animals are sentient, but this is NOT the consensus, nor even the majority, in science. It is not even the consensus among ALL “Vegans”.

A tiny few advanced computers have reached a level of “weak sentience” which would make them immortal, sentient, and poisonous to eat!

There is no hard evidence that Sentient Beings exist apart from the Earth, giving more reason to protect the Earth, as a Sentient Right. Earth is the only KNOWN home of Sentient Beings.

Some humans (Scientists) believe “self-awareness” is part of sentience. It is interesting that gorillas who can communicate to humans in English believe inner pain, like grief or mourning, is a better indication of sentience. When I rub the belly of a dog or pig it is their Sentient emotions that allow them to feel pleasure, just a human may experience getting a relaxing massage. Likewise all Sentient Beings can experience pain, suffering, and greif.

No doubt, animals with a Central Brain and Central Nervous systems like cows, dogs, humans, dolphins, and gorillas feel grief and mourn their loss. Much the same as humans do. Some Sentient Beings, such as Elephants and Humans, create graveyards and visit the bones of lost members of their community in memory.

If we are to avoid causing Sentient Beings unnecessary pain and suffering, humans need to factor in the pain of separation and/or loss of a relationship, which is the same pain humans feel. I went away to Army duty and left my dog with my mom for a couple of years. When I returned, my dog was obviously overjoyed to see me! So was my mom!

Although this definition of sentience excludes some animals, such as bedbugs, cockroaches, and mosquitoes, it should be noted that these animals should not be eaten due to the unhealthy effects on other Sentient Beings (like Humans) who are doing the eating!

We recognize that some YouTube channel may object to this well-accepted conscious. And that future research may prove this right or wrong. Nonetheless, we have not seen Bedbug-Bob, Cockroach-Carol, or Mosquito-Mic trying to defend the sentience of the thousands of those who live in their homes. Fact is, only Gary Yourofskyki tried to do this, shortly before “retiring” from being a “Vegan insect activist”.

Sentient Rights accepts the Sentience of all animals with a Central Brain and Centralized Nervous System. We likewise reject the unnecessary destruction of non-sentient animals.

We promote a Plant-Only Plan for Healthy Eating. As used by VeKinds, some Vegans (Whole-Food, Plant-Only,  Low-Processed, High-Fiber, No-Oil, Standarized-Low-Fat, and Picotoxin-Free), and those following the Truth And Inspiration Therapy.

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